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<We All Have Different Feathers>

Written by Younghee Kim

In a forest,

many species of birds lived together

boasting their feathers and singing sounds.

But there was an exceptionally blue feather bird

in the species of black birds.

And there was an exceptionally yellow feather

in a species of red birds.

And there was also a bird with unusually orange feathers

in the species of green birds.

The birds, each with its unusual feathers,

couldn’t join the ranks of their species.

And if they look at any other species,

they're just alike, and they can't be the same.


After those lonely days,

one of the most unusual birds stepped forward.

It was a very special bird with emerald body,

yellow feathers on its head and tail,

and orange feathers on its back.

The bird’s loneliness was also exceptionally deep,

as it was more unusual during the time.


“Guys! If you fly far to the sunrise from here,

there's a lake of life where all the colors of the world blend in

and shine like jewels.

When the sunset turns the lake red,

if you soak yourself in it,

you can return to the feathery color of our species.

Let's fly to that lake, soak ourselves up

and get our original feather color back.”


At first, the birds hesitated and hesitated,

but they were intoxicated by the fiery wings of the emerald feather bird

then soon flew up together and headed for the lake.


So their journey began.

They would play the breeze lightly,

they would leave themselves in the clouds when they were exhausted,

they would break down in the strong wind,

they would be crushed to forget why they were flying in the turbulent air,

and they would stop and hover in place to return to the forest they had left.

Some gave up their flight and went to the nearest forest to settle down,

and a couple of them died,

sadly missing the enchanted aurora of the Lake of Life.


The emerald-feathered bird who led his friends down the road led them to fly

and fly in front of their tired friends one day, and finally...

By the time the sun was tinting the sky with a reddish color,

they found a lake in the distance that was emitting an indescribable ecstatic light.


The emerald-colored bird was first to reach the lake. The bird was surprised to see its reflection on the lake, as it tried to immerse itself in the Lake of Life to regain the color of its own species' feathers.

Because it saw its body, with its beautiful water colors projected without any different sense, one body with the water of the lake becoming a Milky Way and a starlight.

The same was true of other birds. They saw that the beautiful water of the lake was the same color as its own, even before they could soak themselves in the Lake of Life, which originally arrived at the risk of finding black, yellow and green, the feather colors of their species.

And as soon as they dipped in their bodies, they realized that they had become one of their friends' different colors and melts into a lake of life.


They were no longer a species of black birds,

a species of yellow birds,

or a species of green birds,

but just a beautiful being.

They never wanted to go back to the color of their species' feathers.

It was just because they liked and loved so much their own special color of feathers. It's because they know their colors are not strange or unusual, but the only.

The Lake of Life was nothing else but an ordinary pool of water projected by a mixture of the sky, the sunset, the wind, and the soul of beautiful birds...

The unusual-looking feather birds, who themselves decided to be beautiful and lovely, came to realize the truth as a reward for their long journey.

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