Opal, Champagne diamond & 18K Gold

<Water Lilies Painted by Monet>

Written by Younghee Kim

When I went to the Orangerie Museum, I sat in a round room with Water Lilies Series by Monet for a long time.


The room, where the gentle light stayed through the natural light, took me to the time when Monet gazed gently at the pond from his Giverny garden.


On the pond where Monet was looking at, the lotus blossom would bloom and fall, the light would appear and hide through the clouds, and the wind would touch and grip the water, and then it would have been repeated. Many emotions would have risen, loved and hated, not only in front of Monet's eyes but also in his mind over time. Then it would have been repeated.


Sitting in the room, I felt like I was looking at the pond with Monet on my back.

The pond, painted by Monet, contained a warm spring sun, a scorching summer sun, a mildly covered autumn land of golden and brown colors, and a heavy winter atmosphere in which everything dried up and remained silent.


While I was sitting there for a long time, said my son Eun-sang.

"Mom, the pond of Monet looks like an opal."

Come to think of it, I've always come across a jewel called Opal that I've been observing and indulging throughout my life.


One of my mother's friends was wearing a very precious opal ring, and I wanted to see it so much that I begged my mother to visit the house every day then got scolded by her.

On the way to the piano academy, an opal ring was placed inside the show window of a good store, so whenever I went to the academy for almost a year, I would stick to the glass of the store and look at it as if I had been possessed.


To me, Opal has always been a mystery and a longing.

When I became an adult, I realized that Opal was my birthstone. So I was glad to realize that it was an inevitable fateful attraction.


The Colors of Opal are mysterious and none of them are uniform. Deep down in Opal, the colors that radiated from its within seemed to be intertwined with green, purple, pink and orange colors like the pond painted by Monet. From the brightness to the darkness of nature, opal piled up the colors in it and always seemed to take me to a mysterious world.


The paintings by Monet and the jewel named Opal, go back to the time of human standing before them, making the human see and control the world and the life. Why did I finally realize this amazingly similar thing between them?


In the future, maybe I will be making rings, earrings and necklaces with quite a few Opals as the main characters in my lifetime.

Just as Monet painted the series of Water Lilies then presented the mysterious nature and beautiful world to the people, I want to touch my alter ego Opal to satisfy the longing and indulgence of women. With my Opal, I think that the difficult mission is possible in real.

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