Tourmaline & 18K Gold

<The Maze to the Heart, the Ear>

Written by Younghee Kim

Can I just hold still your heart?


One day, your heart may be filled with courage,

and you may have defeated all your enemies in fairy tales.

One day, your heart would be shaking with fear,

and you would fall apart in your imagination and in your loss of reality.


Your heart is beating very thin and weak,

which would have been tough and furious in the first place.


I can feel the big little sand wind that's gone through you.

I can see the rough stones that knocked you over

and the helpless swamps that you sank.

You've become so lonely and sensitive.


Instead of hiding your heart in your chest,

can you take it out and show it to me?

Can you let me touch your heart and listen to your heart?


No, No.

I'll go down to your dream.

A secret dream that hides your pain,

even if you hold on to a tiny web of spiders.

I'll go down to the deepest point.

Like an acrobat,

I'll bet everything on that line.


No, no, wait!

I found a secret passage.

There you are. Your ears!

You hid it under a carefree, bland face,

but there were secrets

and whispers coming and going!

I'm sure this place is connected to your heart.


In the middle of that complex, terrible maze,

I'm going to sing tirelessly.

I'm not going to get tired of dancing.

I'll whisper with hot breath

until the roads melt down

and become a conduit.


So when I finally find my way,

I'm gonna walk right in.

I'm going to hold your heart

in my hands.


As fidgeting as if to hold the little bird

whose life has been entrusted to me;

Like when a lion bites her little lion's neck,

it's loose and sloppy.

Like when I tried to touch a bubble, I was terrified.


Then you'll know.

For the harsh sandstorms,

the rustling rocks

and the disgusting swamps,

have brought you to whom.


You'll find out.

How bright your heart is.

What a beautiful jewel your heart is.

Who's the master of your heart?


Then you'll cry a lot about everything you know.

Even if it hurts like that, tears that didn't flow will keep coming out.

Even if you cry, your heart will heat up and beat violently.


Can I just hold still your heart?


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