Crazy lace agate, Yemen agate & Silver

<Pattern of Honey >

Written by Younghee Kim

Crazy lace agate, which is named so, because of the fancy yet fantastic lace-like pattern. And Yemen agate, which is unusually mined only in Yemen.

Crazy lace agate is a piece of God’s art, or a combination of subtle conditions of climate, soil, time, and sedimentation.

When I first saw Yemen agate, it almost made me think it is amber. It is like a nebula’s tail on a translucent golden surface. It has colorful and lovely creamy design and patterns.

These two special gemstones are contained in a necklace. Respecting each gemstone’s individual characteristic, not manipulating the shape, order, arrange, and rules, I let them be a pattern of honey that naturally created their own beautiful harmony and order, through a process that is just as natural and fateful as the process they were created.

I felt that in the procedure of making the harmony between them, only God and themselves were involved, and it’s not a part for humans to intervene in.

In the main pendant, waterdrop-shaped crazy lace agate is used, and it’s detachable for separate use.

Making an earring, I make lace agates which have different patterns and colors be placed unbalanced under the champagne diamonds.

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