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<The Sea of the Moon - “Moon Maria”>

Written by Younghee Kim

When Aurora, more brilliant than a rainbow, fell into the night sky,

that was the day the children of the moon came down to the Earth.

The children of the moon, who longed for the Earth,

came down to Earth on the light of the aurora,

then settled on the sea or on the land.


Very rarely, when the one among the children of the moon had no idea

which way to choose between the sea or the land,

the child comes all the way to Aurora and hangs on.

Then the tail of the mermaid and the legs of the human were raised

from the body, then separated into the mermaid and human.

They used to be the one, but was divided into the two.

The marvelous sight of a child of the Moon,

once a body falling from the sky in two parts,

was like a petal dancing in the sky.


And the time goes by living as mermaid and human being,

they couldn’t even remember where they came from and what they were.

However, they lived in an incurable disease of

longing for the unknown and loneliness without a reason.


It's been a lot of time, and it's been piling up,

after centuries, the sea and the land changed their places,

The mermaid and human being who couldn’t forget their own half,

which was originally one, sometimes fell in love each other.


That's exactly what happened to Audentia and Animi.

Audentia was always alone among the humans,

Animi was always alone among the mermaids.

Audentia put her longing in a glass jar,

then sent it up into the sea to soothe her loneliness.

Animi took the risk of swimming to a place

where humans and ships could be seen very close,

so he relieved his loneliness by peeking at them.


Audentia wanted to go to the sea to swim freely with Animi,

Anime wanted to go to the land to walk along with Audentia.

But the humans were afraid of Animi who wanted to come ashore,

the mermaids hated Audentia who wanted to go into the sea.

When the two always felt alone then wanted true love and freedom,

the invisible relationships and emotions finally came out and tied them up.


So one day, they decided.

Let's go somewhere that doesn't matter whether it's a tail or a leg.

Whatever they walk, swim, run, dive,

let’s go to the places where they can move and fly their own way.

Not running away from the humans,

Not running away from the mermaids,

Let's just fly to their own world...


There was also a sea on the moon. ‘Moon Maria’!

So many mermaids and humans longed for the sea of the moon where marvelous spirits swam, but none of them could dare to go easily. Because it scared them to forget all their memories and wishes, in the whirlpool of Aurora that they had to pass.

But the human girl Audentia and the mermaid boy Animi weren't afraid of that. As long as they are together on this planet, they cannot walk, swim, or fly. It was because they were even more afraid of it.


Audentia and Animi promised to fly together to ‘Moon Maria’, then gave each other the most precious things. Audentia made the ring with the most beautiful pearl that she had ever picked up in the sea, missing Animi, and put it on him.

Animi made a necklace with a mermaid’s song in a glass bottle that contained her precious letter, and hung it to her.


When Aurora's Panorama reached climax, the night sky sways from side to side,

bleeds the darkness deeper and deeper, spat out even more cold and silent.

When colorful particles of light fly and dance through the night sky,

In the ecstasy of light, all the flowers, the stars and the streetlights were likely to be sucked in. There came a moment when something had gone by, not at all strange.


At that moment, Audentia and Animi hugged each other tightly and were sucked into the aurora. In a vortex of dreaded light so beautiful that it would swallow everything, They seemed to have forgotten everything.

Who they are, why they're in this light, where they're going,

What's the most precious to each other?


When the cascade of light, which had been pouring incessantly, stopped at some point and they managed to reach the moon. Then the dizziness and awkwardness that had been going on for a while finally disappeared, with the sense of relief that they finally arrived, they flew up, fluttered and flapped in the air of the moon.

Looking at each other's childlike features, they realized how precious the gifts were to each other.


Erasing the memories and wishes of all living things that pass through the aurora, even in the strict laws of the universe that make us born new beings, what kept them from forgetting their longing for each other! They finally realized that the pearl rings of the Audentia and the glass jar necklace of Animi had kept their love in them, so that they could pass through the Aurora...


To the depths of the moon that no one could not be reached, even the child of the moon, the mermaid, the human, and any life in the universe... But they could no longer fly alone, keeping their love for each other intact.



In Latin, Audentia and Animi mean ‘Courage’ each other.

Moon Maria means ‘the Sea of the Moon’.

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