Opal, Diamond & 18K Gold

<Inside the Jewelry is Secret Room>

Written by Younghee Kim

One afternoon when the sunlight was pouring into the house, seeing the jewels which I took out from my mother's brooch secretly in the light, I was possessed by the dance of light in a small room in the gem and was locked in the room forever. 

'Looking into the jewels' repeated at the same time every day introduced me to a secret world and imaginary friends. 

In return for being obsessed with jewelry, a small and lonely girl was presented with an eternal light that warms her soul.

Later, when I grew up, I could figure out that the unknown jewel was Opal. 

When I learned that my birthstone was the Opal, I felt that the unconditional and fateful scenario of attraction was completed.

I wanted to fully reveal the secret and enchanting room of light that I witnessed in Opal in this work.

The waterdrop-shaped opal pendant and diamond brooches could be separated from each other, and the brooches are also carefully manufactured to function separately and together with the necklace chain.

Opal, the first gem of an attraction that destined my life to be with jewels, is like a fatal muse to me.

Opal is a precious muse that casts constant inspirations and aspirations on me and beckons to invite me to a mysterious world.

In this work, I melt my complete gratitude and love for Opal.

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