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<He Put His Wings on Her Feet> 

Written by Younghee Kim

The shoemaker fairy was asked to make the princess's shoes, which she never went to the ball because her feet were so ugly.


The shoemaker fairy was always confident because he was famous for making the most beautiful and unexpected shoes in the world.


He made the first pair of shoes with the softest silk in the world, but princess' ugly feet broke through them.


The second pair of shoes he made were of the strongest leather in the world, but the princess' ugly feet were crushed them.


The shoemaker fairy sat in the moonlight and thought why his heart was so broken. Soon he realized that it wasn’t because the best shoes in the world he made were broken, but because the disappointed princess' sad face kept stabbing his heart.


The shoemaker fairy made a big decision and bravely flew toward the fairy forest, where all kinds of jewels were buried.


The shoemaker fairy thought that if he made shoes by jewel then gave them to the princess, she would become the owner of the world's most beautiful shoes and be invited to every ball in the world.


He flew and flew countless days and nights into the fairy forest, but he found nothing in the gems.


The fairy who was guarding the gems told the shoemaker fairy.

The jewels of fairies are the glimmering of moonlight on the wings left over when the fairy died.


The shoemaker fairy watched his wings twirl beautifully on the wall of the cave in the moonlight. And then he made up his mind quickly.


The shoemaker fairy thought he was very lucky that his wings were made a jewel of moonlight, and that he could make shoes for the princess.


He was a little sad that he couldn't fly when his wings were gone, and that he would look a little different from other fairies. Still, he could stand it if he imagined of the princess being happy.


When the shoemaker fairy began to make sensitive and delicate cuts to his wings as his friend, whom he had been with since birth, the moon coiled with his needle and thread to complete the only pair of jewelry shoes in the world.


When he finished making the shoes, he took them in his arms and tried to fly up to the princess as soon as possible, but he fell on the rock. But the fairy jumped up and started running for her. The shoemaker fairy who was running with a happy smile as a flying bird, followed the moon all the way, shining his jewellery shoes brightly.


Now, the Jewelry shoes are very excited that used to be a friend of the shoemaker fairy and then a friend of a princess.

And when it became close to her, whenever she danced, every time she walked through a beautiful place, every time she looked up at the moon, it thought its dear old friend, the shoemaker fairy, should whisper to the princess about him.



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