Green opal, Baguette cut tourmaline, Silver & 24K Gold

<Follow the Sun in a Labyrinth >

Written by Younghee Kim

These necklace, pendant, and earring are made of very rare green opals and baguette-cut tourmalines. Each piece of the green opal has a shape as if looking down at a maze from above. Even when we got lost in the maze, we might find way out someday if we keep looking at the sun. In this sense, I added a decoration symbolizing the dark golden color sun.

The pendant part could be separated from the necklace and also be a brooch. The rest of the necklace, free from the pendant, can be a necklace or a bracelet.

When wandering in a maze of life, once we find a dazzling orientation that does not change like the sun and eliminate the restriction of the maze, the maze of anxiety and anguish is just absorbed as a part of life that can no longer bother us.

Also, inside the main part are several paths made of tourmalines. Like the roads that await us in our lifetime, sometimes wide road and sometimes side road, these roads beckon us in various colors and forms.

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