Tourmaline, Pearl & 18K Gold

<Fairy Pitta's Feather>

Written by Younghee Kim

Fairy Pitta is a bird that has a beautiful voice, so the sound of crying is like music, and it has seven different colored feathers in one body, so it makes a colorful impression.

Tourmaline also has a variety of colors; red, yellow, green, white, and black, and emits more negative ions and far-infrared rays than any other gems.

These similarities between Fairy Pitta and tourmaline lead me to make this work.

In this work, to express Fairy Pitta’s feathers flapping mysteriously in the wind, I connect gold strings between tourmalines with different colors and attach pearls at the end

Each gold chain has a small pearl, so it is a necklace and earring that reveals delicate beauty with even slight movement and wind.

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