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<Facing the Souls Each Other, as Cheek to Cheek>

Written by Younghee Kim

The Snow Queen had a dazzlingly beautiful face. She had eyes, nose and mouth that looked like they were from the most beautiful statue in the world. But she was so cold that no bird, no animal could visit her castle. Of course, people didn't come near the castle of the ice. There was the only one who came to her castle. He was a sculptor who cut and trimmed the ice to make it shine beautifully all four seasons. The cruel rumors that she came down to town on a dark and cold night, froze the hearts of young girls and boys, then erased their memories and took them away made people more afraid.


But in fact, her face was covered with snow and ice all four seasons, so she just couldn't figure out how to move her facial muscles and nerves.

When she is happy, how does she put her mouth up and shine her eyes?

How to seal her cheeks and blink her eyes when she is sad.

She just couldn't figure it out.


The Snow Queen existed in the world just because the world needed winter, but because people needed long nights and cold snow just as they needed long days and bright suns. But she had no facial expression, so people thought she was cold and scary, and the static and loneliness around her made the castle even more desolate.


There was the only one who came to her castle. He was a sculptor who carved and trimmed ice castles so that they could shine beautifully throughout the four seasons.


He could not even look at her because he was afraid at first, and as time went on, he could look at her little by little.


First the cold fingertips, then the stiff neck, then the hard cheeks, then the tight lips, then the straight eyes like a gem.

As if she wasn’t alive, she was a statue, so he stopped working on the ice and even looked at her in secret for a long.


Then one day, the sculptor realized that when he was carving, the Snow Queen looked at him for a very short time. When the ice he was carving and polishing became as transparent as a mirror, the sean she looked at him was reflected in the ice.


When he saw her face reflected in the ice, the sculptor noticed something strange.

When her face, which he felt was emotionless and expressionless, was reflected in the ice, it seemed strangely emotional.


Sometimes her mouth seemed to move faintly,

Sometimes her cheeks seemed to shudder and flushed.

Sometimes it seemed like the wind was swaying over her eyes.

When he rubbed his eyes or blinked and looked at the ice again, thinking that the sculptor had seen it wrong, her face had already disappeared.


But as her look, which he thought was an illusion or a vision, grew longer and longer to stay on top of what he was carving, he became convinced. That she laughs, she frowns, she feels sad.


As he carved the flowers and children of town on ice, her cheeks flinched and her mouth moved fine. And as he carved the stars and moons above the sky on the ice, her eyes glistened and seemed to dream.

Her changed facial expressions on the ice excited his mind, but for a moment, there was a great sadness in his heart. It was so sad to see her face come alive and go back to her faceless.


Then one day, when the Snow Queen was looking at the back of the sculptor and looking at the world he was creating by enchanted, her eyes met with his eyes looking at her in the ice.


The eyes of the sculptor were unfamiliar to her eyes, who knew the distaste and fear that occurred in the eyes of the people she met.

The look had no beginning and no end, no purpose and no conditions, no questions and no worries then just warm. So the Snow Queen was deeply confused.


Unexpectedly, the sculptor came close to her then stood in front of her, facing her eyes without fear. He smiled fine, and she smiled fine. His cheeks turned a little red and her cheeks turned a little red.

His lips opened carefully and as she trembled, her lips opened carefully and trembled.


The sculptor was only able to figure out the face of her face, which was actually a reflection of the ice sculptor's face without her knowledge.

It's just like the baby mimics its mother's facial expressions.

After facing each other in such a straight line, not in the reflection of the ice, he quickly realized why her impression was only reflected in the ice.


Hoping that her smile wouldn't go away from her mouth, the sculptor kept smiling at his mouth. Then the sculptor carefully placed his left cheek on the left cheek of the Snow Queen. Her cheeks were so cold that he felt like his whole body was frozen, but he was all right. As long as the pain deep in his heart, which had to be watching her lovely expressions in the ice disappear all of a sudden, the freezing coldness of his body and the heat that would melt his whole body was nothing.


The heat from his left cheek flowed into her cold left cheek. Deeply rooted in her soul, the cold chill that seemed never to disappear began to melt down as if it had been poured in lava.

Between the nerves and muscles that had been frozen for a long time, his heat as lava went around like blood, liberating her face. His sun-like warmth swirled like waves between a lake of emotion and a valley that had been locked for a long time, freeing her soul. Finally, the Snow Queen has a beautiful face like a child. She can laugh when she is happy, and cry whenever she is sad.

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