Black opal, Blue opal, Rose cut diamond, Moonstone & Silver

<Black Hole of Love >

Written by Younghee Kim

Black hole! Where, time and space are twisted, time goes slowly, and even light the fastest thing in the space can't escape!

Love is like a black hole.

When we're falling in love, the existing time and space are arranged in a new order, and even any clever and extraordinary rationality cannot escape the whirlpool of emotions.

When I found this black opal swaying with mysterious lights in the darkness, I brought a huge black hole that swallows everything into mind.

The inspiration of the necklace, where Moonstone and Blue Opals were sucked into the black opal in a tail, and the spectacular view of the black hole unfolded in space overlapped, causing extreme joy.

This black opal came to me to become a black hole of love...

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