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<A Necklace of Collecting the Souls or Hearts>

Written by Younghee Kim

Once upon a time, there lived a princess Fiorimonde in a kingdom.

She was so dazzlingly beautiful that princes from almost every kingdom flocked to propose.

Does that make her arrogant? Or was she originally an arrogant person?

Her arrogance made her heart cold and her cold heart created evil thoughts.


"All those men who get down on their knees and beg for love, are stupid. But the sparks of that soul burning brightly, they're so beautiful. I want that spark to burn because of their excited heart."


The soul of a prince in love was red ruby like the blood of a young lamb, the soul of a prince in love was like a seesaw Lapis like the sea holding a cold glacier, and the soul of a prince in love was black onyx like the skin of an ominous night.


The princes who longed for her so much, had come to swear in her false eyes that they would be willing to dedicate their precious souls to her unfaithful confession.


As soon as the princes swore to love the princess with their souls, their souls were sucked into the necklace of the Princess Fiorimonde. Just as a firefly freely flashing in the night's atmosphere was trapped in a glass bottle, the spirits of the princes left their bodies and filled each of the necklace of Princess Fiorimonde with beautiful light. The scene, as if stars were being sucked into a black, cold black hole, was so scary and cruel.


Just as the fireflies, who were freely flashing in the night air, were trapped in a glass bottle, the princes' souls left their bodies and filled a jewel of the princess's necklace with beautiful light.


Princess Fiorimonde’s necklace complete with such a special jewel of soul, made her even more beautiful and more and more royal princes come to propose to her.


Beyond the mirror in Princess Fiorimonde's room, there lived Princess Rosamonde. She looked just like Princess Fiorimonde, but everything else was different from her. The two princesses only looked and acted the same when they were in front of the mirror, and they were living their lives at other times.


In and out of the mirror, the two worlds were parallel to each other,

without knowing which side was inside and which was outside,

which was real and which was fake.


Princess Rosamonde had her own special beauty and her own thoughts that were not like anyone else. And the birds, the wind, and the people who were attracted to her, and the words and the songs in their mouths.

It was passed on to princes from various kingdoms, and it attracted princes who dreamed of a woman of extraordinary beauty and uniqueness.


Princess Rosamonde was so grateful and lovely for the princes who came on the long, bumpy road and looked at her with hot eyes, asking for dialogue with passionate gestures.


"Those princes who get down on their knees and seek love all look so great.

Their eyes are so real, one by one, glowing with the excited heart.

My heart is going crazy. I feel like I've got a birthday present for the rest of my life."


The princes, who longed so much for Princess Rosamonde, had come to swear to her true eyes that they would be willing to dedicate their precious soul to her grateful voice.


As soon as the princes swore that they would love the princess with their soul, a dazzling light swept deep in the heart of Princess Rosamonde and began to pop out one by one, as a divine light was born. Some light was like a red Gannet as a newly bloomed rose, some light like a blue opal with an aurora, some light like a golden sting crystal with Venus' hair. The colorful lights were willingly sucked into the necklace that Princess Rosamonde was wearing around her neck.


The scene where the stars seemed to be sucked into the black hole was spectacular. It was an ecstatic sight for the princess, who was bewildered by the stars surrounding her, as well as the prince, who watched wonderfully.


Just as the stars who flew alone in the dark space finally met each other to form a colorful galaxy, the various beautiful emotions made in the heat of Princess Rosamond, loved by the princes, filled each of the princess's necklace with its mysterious light.


Princess Rosamond's necklace, complete with such a special jewel of the soul, made her even more special and made more and more royal princes come to propose to her.


Princess Fiorimonde's necklace became so heavy at some point.

The souls of the princes trapped in the necklace lost their beautiful light over time and sank darker and heavier.

Princess Fiorimonde, who couldn't take off her necklace for a moment because she wanted to look beautiful, became older and uglier under the dark and heavy light.


One day stood in front of the mirror, Princess Fiorimonde, who found herself so old and ugly, screamed like a tear. The sharp noise caused a small crack in the princess's necklace jewelry to break apart in a flash.


Princess Fiorimonde struggled to recapture the souls of the princes, waving her arms in the far-off air. The souls of the princes, who were given freedom, could not fly away right away, but hung around the princess for a long time, feeling sorry for her.


The spirits of the princes began to fly away, and a moment later, as the beautiful light of the last prince slowly faded away, only the pitch-blackness lay down around Princess Fiorimonde.


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