Tourmaline, Diamond & 18K Gold

<A Cat with a Slight Fever of 37.5°C >

Written by Younghee Kim

Moments I desperately wanted but could not be together.

Words I wanted to say but could not.

Things I wanted to give generously but could not.

Beings I craved but could not hug because I had no courage.

The disability and finitude of humans lacking something, rather than the greatness of man achieved, always made me suffer from a slight fever. That unknown pity and regret always heat my heart with a slight fever of 37.5 degrees, making it bloom with 'story' and 'jewelry', desperately hoping that my story and jewelry could capture someone else's soul and light up their room.

I designed a cat that looks up at the moon and stars and admires and misses them. Then, two years later, as a series, I made a cat bending its back to say "Who are you?" to a small and weak violet that is even hard to see.

The cat enters the middle of the flower garden, rubs its cheeks on the delicate petals, makes eye contact with the flowers, and turns into one. Flowers and leaves are carved with tourmaline to make a necklace, and to make cat eyes filled with a slight fever, pink tourmaline is used.

Becoming a lover of stars and the moon, a lover of flowers and gemstones, a lover of a violet, the weakest flower among the delicate, and finally becoming a lover of every soul at some point... I look back on the past 20 years in CurlyCat.

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