Onyx, Opal, Tourmaline, Roman Glass, Diamond & 18K Gold

<A Black Hole Without Darkness>

Written by Younghee Kim

A black hole. Where space-time is distorted, and even light cannot escape.

Love is like a black hole.

Once we fall in love, existing space-time is rearranged in a new order, and even any clever and extraordinary intellect cannot escape from the spiral of emotion.

When I discovered this black opal spreading indescribable delicate lights in darkness, it reminded me of a giant black hole swallowing everything.

Moonstone and Blue Opal become stars that are sucked into Black Opal in a row, and become lovers who permeate into each other's souls.

The emotion of love swallows everything.

However, people who are sucked into intense love like black hole are never cold or lonely because their souls are filled with warm light. Rather, they are infinitely free against gravity and fate.

It becomes ‘a black hole without darkness’ which has a fountain of glowing light that rises from the inside.

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